Mother - Genealogy Photo a Day

The photo prompt for today's Genealogy Photo a Day is appropriately 'Mother.' So I thought I'd share some photos that spotlight my mother, Carolyne Ruth (Kephart) Gould, and her mother, Della Maxine (Kephart) Hammersmith. These are some of my favorite photos of the two of them. They are great mom moments. 

This one was taken in Wellston, Oklahoma. Late 1946-Early 1947.

Carolyne and Della Maxine Kephart

This one is one of my favorite photos of Nana and Mom--doing laundry.
Mom even has a clothes pin in her mouth.

Laundry Day

This next one shows Mom and Nana relaxing on a pool day.

Pool Day

I LOVE this next photo! Mom was quite the little cowgirl when she was little.
See there? She even has a little gun and holster. And hair bows finish off the look.

Nana and Mom

This last photo is of Mom and me with quote I love, that seems appropriate for Mother's Day.

Mom and Me with Quote

Wishing you all very Happy Mother's Day.