Wednesday's Child - John Chester Kephart

This week's Wednesday Child is my maternal great uncle, John Chester Kephart. 

John Chester Kephart Wednesday's Child

John was born on May 7, 1914 in Wellston, Oklahoma, to my great grandparents Della Mae (Swinford) Kephart and John Arthur Kephart. Sadly, John lived a very short life. He became quite ill in early February of 1915, though I don't know what his affliction was.

Rememberings of Rusha Cordelia Kephart

Rusha Cordelia Kephart was born in Ida Grove, Iowa on October 17, 1891 to my second great grandparents, Alexis and Susan (Templeton) Kephart. Rusha was the baby of the family, and one of two girls in the family, and by all accounts she was very close to her mother. I believe it's likely that Rusha was named after her maternal grandmother, Jerusha (Sutton) Templeton. Rusha may have been short for Jerusha, or just derived from it. 

Rusha Cordelia Kephart Ancestry Chick

Wendesday's Child - Leonard Freemont Testorff

Just recently my father sent me a video that shows my grandfather, Leonard Freemont Testorff, playing his fiddle. This was a great passion of his, as he had taught himself to play in the family barn and continued to play well into his golden years. It was so great to see him again, laughing and smiling and doing something he loved so much. It brought a few tears to my eyes! So, since he's been on my mind this week, I thought it only appropriate to make my Grandpa Testorff this week's Wednesday's Child.

Leonard Freemont Testoff Wednesday's Child

He sure was a cute baby, don't you think? You can read more about my awesome grandpa and hear some of his fiddle playing by visiting my previous blog post: Forget Me Not Friday - Leonard Freemont Testorff