Father - Genealogy Photo a Day

Today's photo prompt for Genealogy Photo a Day is 'Father.' So I thought I'd share a couple of photos of my father, Ken Testorff. One photo is of him with me, and another is of him with his father, Leonard Testorff.

Let's start with the one of my father with his father. I think my father looks to be about 18 months old here...definitely no more than two. 

Leonard and Ken Testorff

I love this photo for so many reasons. For one, look at the smile on my Grandpa's face. That's a happy dad right there. And not only does my dad look happy too, look at that dapper little hat he's wearing. And look at those adorable, chubby little legs. He can't get much cuter than that. It's a perfect moment captured between a father and a son.

And here's the photo of my father and me, taken when I was about five years old.

Ken and Tina Testorff

This photo was taken in Falls Church, Virginia, sometime after my parents divorced. Within a year of this photo, my mom and sister and I moved to California to be near my mom's parents. Since we moved to the opposite end of the country from my dad, I didn't really get to see him as I grew up. And this photo is one of very few I have of he and I together. I wish I had a bigger and better photo of this because it is priceless to me. But I love it as it is just the same.