Cool Kephart Cars

I was going through some old photos today and I thought it might be fun to share some photos of some of my Kephart family--but with photos that all have cars in them. I really don't have a lot of old photos that have vintage cars in them too, so it's always a treat when I find one. These photos are the majority of what I have! Most of these include siblings of my maternal grandmother. Just a couple of them though have my mom and uncle in them.

First up: a photo of my maternal great aunt, Lorena Faye Kephart. Not even sure how old she is in the photo, but it was taken in Wellston, Lincoln County, Oklahoma. She was born in 1921, and if I had to guess, she was five or six in this photo. 

Lorena Faye Kephart

Next is my mother, Carolyne Ruth (Kephart) Gould. I think she's about 4 or 5 years old here, so that would be 1950 or 1951. She was such a cutie!

Carolyne Ruth Kephart

This next one is also my mother, but my uncle, Robert Samuel Geissinger, Jr. is also in this one. They're standing next to a big old Plymouth. Pretty cool.

Carolyne Kephart and Robert Gessinger

The gal in this next photo is my maternal great aunt, Ruby Christina Kephart. She's the aunt that I'm named after. Next to her is her then soon-to-be husband, Harold Edward Stephens. They got married in 1931. She was born in 1909. By the looks of it this could have been taken very near the time that they got married, and likely also in Wellston, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

Harold Stephens and Ruby Christina Kephart

And finally, we have my maternal great uncle, Vernon Ernest Kephart, who was born in 1918. He looks like he's maybe in his 20's in this photo. Are those palm trees in the background? If so, then this is likely somewhere in Southern California. My grandma and several of her siblings--including Uncle Vernon--ended up moving there at a certain point. Those definitely look like palm trees.

Vernon Ernest Kephart

All of these old cars are so cool. I wouldn't mind having one or two of them today. That's some neat automotive history right there. But I guess I'll have to settle for these neat old photos instead.