Forget Me Not Friday - Anna Carrie Kephart

During my genealogy research, I often find cousins and other people who have photos of my family. I'm always thrilled when I get sent a photo I didn't already have, especially one that's really old and awesome. I acquired these sometime in the last year or so and I've loved them since. So, I thought I'd share them today for Forget me Not Friday.

Chester and Carrie Kephart Duncan

In this photo is my 2nd great aunt, Anna Carrie Kephart. She was born August 12, 1884 in Spencerville, Ohio. Her first marriage was to Chester A. 'Chet' Duncan, on March 28, 1904. I don't imagine that this photo was taken too long after that, because sadly, Chester Duncan died on August 30, 1908. 

Titanic Tribute Poem

I made a rather awesome discovery today that I just had to share. It is related to my maternal 2nd great grandmother, Susan Elinor (Templeton) Kephart, wife of Alexis Elihu Kephart. She was born in 1859 in Milan, Rock Island County, Illinois; and she died in 1927 in Wellston, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

Susan Elinor Kephart

Nellie, as she was often called, was a proud farmer's wife and a very talented woman. She won prizes for her canning and gardening abilities, including $75 in Gold in a contest she won in 1911. She did sewing and quilting and many other things that women of her era were apt to do--lost arts in today's world. One other thing she often did was write poetry. I have been fortunate enough to find many of her poems, because they were often published in her local newspapers. As I occasionally sift through newspaper archives, I will often search for 'Kephart,' hoping to find more news of this awesome woman.

As someone fascinated with the Titanic, today's find was particularly awesome. It is a poem that Nellie wrote in tribute after the Titanic's sinking. It's a wonderful poem so I couldn't resist sharing. I had to piece it together since it was split into two columns in the newspaper, you can still read her thoughtful words. You may need to click on the image to make it larger though.

Forget Me Not Friday - William Robert Hammersmith

The information below was written by my mother, Carolyne Ruth (Kephart) Gould. She was the adoptive daughter of William Hammersmith. To me, he was Pappy--my grandfather in every possible way, other than by blood. I am proud to be his granddaughter, and I want everyone to know what kind of man he was. So I'm making his story of service the post for Forget Me Not Friday

This is for you, Pappy. ♥

William Robert Hammersmith

William Robert Hammersmith, December 20, 1930 - January 26, 1994.

William also known as "Bill" and "Pappy," served in the U.S. Army during  the Korean War, then joined the U.S. Navy.  He received Good Conduct Medals throughout his military career as well as the Navy Unit Commendation Citation 1 Jan 1968; Marksman, 17 Jul 1970; Meritorious Unit Commendation 1 March 1970; National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal; Vietnam Campaign Medal; Korean Service Medal, (three Bronze Stars); United Nations Service Medal, and a Purple Heart.  

He enlisted in the U.S. Army 18 March 1952 and his basic training was with the 5th Armored Division, Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, from 31 March 1952 to 19 July 1952. He served in the U.S. Army Field Artillary. His Purple Heart and one of the Bronze Stars was earned in Korea when, while wounded in the leg and unable to walk, he drug one of his fellow soldiers to safety by slowly crawling and dragging the other wounded soldier with him. He was discharged from the Army on 24 July 1958 and joined the U.S. Navy the very next day -- 25 July 1958. He retired from the U.S. Navy on 1 October 1981.   

Wednesday's Child - Elmer Lee Winders

A child of my third great uncle, Charles Henry Winders, is this week's Wednesday's Child. His name was Elmer Lee Winders. It's one of my favorite old photos of babies in my family collection.

Wednesday's Child Elmer Lee Winders

Today in History - Hammersmith Wedding

I thought I'd start a new feature on the blog called Today in History. That way, on special days in my family history, I can spotlight occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special celebrations in my ancestral past.

So, Today in History, my maternal grandmother, Della Maxine (Kephart) Geissinger married William Robert Hammersmith. They were married in Pennsylvania.

Kephart Geissinger Hammersmith Wedding

Cool Kephart Cars

I was going through some old photos today and I thought it might be fun to share some photos of some of my Kephart family--but with photos that all have cars in them. I really don't have a lot of old photos that have vintage cars in them too, so it's always a treat when I find one. These photos are the majority of what I have! Most of these include siblings of my maternal grandmother. Just a couple of them though have my mom and uncle in them.

First up: a photo of my maternal great aunt, Lorena Faye Kephart. Not even sure how old she is in the photo, but it was taken in Wellston, Lincoln County, Oklahoma. She was born in 1921, and if I had to guess, she was five or six in this photo. 

Lorena Faye Kephart

Mother - Genealogy Photo a Day

The photo prompt for today's Genealogy Photo a Day is appropriately 'Mother.' So I thought I'd share some photos that spotlight my mother, Carolyne Ruth (Kephart) Gould, and her mother, Della Maxine (Kephart) Hammersmith. These are some of my favorite photos of the two of them. They are great mom moments. 

This one was taken in Wellston, Oklahoma. Late 1946-Early 1947.

Carolyne and Della Maxine Kephart

This one is one of my favorite photos of Nana and Mom--doing laundry.
Mom even has a clothes pin in her mouth.

Laundry Day

This next one shows Mom and Nana relaxing on a pool day.

Pool Day

I LOVE this next photo! Mom was quite the little cowgirl when she was little.
See there? She even has a little gun and holster. And hair bows finish off the look.

Nana and Mom

This last photo is of Mom and me with quote I love, that seems appropriate for Mother's Day.

Mom and Me with Quote

Wishing you all very Happy Mother's Day.