Surname Saturday - Dodge

This week's Surname Saturday post shines the spotlight on the name Dodge, which is from the maternal side of my family tree. It's a bit of a mysterious line, because it is rather a brick wall for many researchers of this family. My closest relative with this surname was Susannah Dodge, my 4th great grandmother, who married John D. Sutton. But let's get to the surname first and then move onto some of the family history and mystery.

Susannah (Dodge) Sutton and John D. Sutton

Nana's Recipe Box

If you look at it, it really doesn't look that special. I mean, it's a wooden box. How could this simple little wooden box be a treasure? 

Nana's Recipe Box - Ancestry Chick

Nana's Recipe Box - Ancestry Chick

Well, that's simple: this was my maternal grandmother's recipe box. And not only is it filled with all of my grandmothers--and some of my great grandmother's--recipes, but it was also handmade by my grandfather. This is the recipe box of Della Maxine (Kephart) Hammersmith, made by William Robert Hammersmith. And I'm happy to share it as part of Tuesday Treasures