Forget Me Not Friday - Mom and Nana

Since this weekend is Mother's Day, I thought I'd share a photo seems fitting for the occasion on this Forget Me Not Friday. This is a photo of my mother, Carolyne Ruth Kephart helping her mother (my Nana) hang laundry on the line. I'd say that my mom looks to be about three years old here. 

Mom and Nana
It was just a simple little everyday moment, caught on film and preserved in time. It's really nothing and everything in the world at the same time. Mom and Nana are both gone now, and I miss them both terribly, especially around Mother's Day. Mom's only been gone for four years, but I still cry if I let myself think about how much I miss her. And it's difficult not to do that around Mother's Day.

Still, photos like this also make me smile too. They're precious. And they guarantee I can't forget these two amazing women who helped shape the woman that I became.

Love you, Mom and Nana. NAIH