Today in History - Hammersmith Wedding

I thought I'd start a new feature on the blog called Today in History. That way, on special days in my family history, I can spotlight occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special celebrations in my ancestral past.

So, Today in History, my maternal grandmother, Della Maxine (Kephart) Geissinger married William Robert Hammersmith. They were married in Pennsylvania.

Kephart Geissinger Hammersmith Wedding

That photo was taken on their wedding day. It was the 2nd marriage for my grandmother. My mom, Carolyne Ruth Kephart, and my uncle, Robert Samuel Geissinger, Jr. are also in the photo. If Nana and Pappy were still alive, they'd be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today.

Yankee and Rebel, their nicknames for each other, were quite the pair. Their fights were huge, but I think that's because their love was huge too. Forgiveness was a big part of their relationship. Nana had always told me, "never go to bed angry." So I think she must have followed that advice as well. When they said "Til death do us part," they meant it. Nana died in 1989, and Pappy five years later.

I'll end this with another photo that pretty well captures how I think of my grandparents, especially on this special day in history.

Nana and Pappy Smooches