Is This Andrew Jackson Winders

Following up on my previous post about my 3rd great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Winders, I want to share some photos that I received over the summer. Before I do that, let me give you some background information on how I acquired them.

I received a message through my Ancestry account from a very kind lady named Carlene, who works at the Elkhart County Genealogical Society in Indiana. She told me that they had a box of items (letters, photos, research, dog tags, etc.) relating to the Winders family. Since I have many Winders ancestors, I asked for the name of the owner of the dog tags, and it was Charles Garrison Winders. Immediately I knew the name. Charles was my 1st cousin, 3x removed. Our shared ancestor is Andrew Jackson Winders--my 3rd great grandfather, and Charles' grandfather! So, Carlene had this box of Winders items that she wanted to send to family of the Winders. I explained my connection, and she sent me that wonderful box of genealogical treasures. 

I'm hoping to share several of those treasures over time on the blog. There were many photos of Charles, his father, and their family, along with lots of wonderful research by Charles' daughter. It's been so wonderful to have it all. I've gone through most of it, but hope to dig deeper into the research there once I'm on my summer break again. But for now, I want share two photos that were in that box.

The first photo is of a man and woman and is one of very few photos that has no information written on it. I'm not even sure of when it was taken, but from the looks of the woman's dress, I'd guess early 1900's. 

Andrew Jackson Winders - Ancestry Chick

The reason I'm excited by this photo is that it's one the oldest--if not the oldest--photos in the box. And since all of the photos are of members of the Winders family, it is very, very possible that the man in this photo is Andrew Jackson Winders. At this point there is no way to know for sure. But it is definitely possible. If it is indeed Andrew, the woman next to him would likely be his wife, Delila (Nestleroad) Winders.

However--there's another photo that calls the identity of this couple into question. And that photo is of a woman, much older than the woman in the photo above. The photo is just a photocopy, so the quality is not great. But here it is.

Delila Winders - Ancestry Chick

So, what's the problem? The problem is that this photo is labeled on the front as, 'Great, Great Grandma Winders.' And on the back, someone wrote, 'Delilah Nestleroad.' And the woman in this photo, as far as I can tell, is not likely to be the same woman as in the prior photo. Their ears are similar, as is their hairstyle, but that's not really enough to say they're the same woman. The photographer's location is Barry (Pike County), Illinois. This leads me to believe that this second photo is indeed Delila (Nestleroad) Winders. Several of their children were born in Illinois and it's possible they had other family there. But if this is Delila, who is the woman in the other photo? And is that Andrew Jackson Winders, or is it someone else? 

I guess that's the million dollar question. My hope now is that by publishing these photos, someone else researching the Winders family will recognize the faces, or have photos of these people that will help to confirm their identities.

Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, the search continues.