Wednesday's Child - John Chester Kephart

This week's Wednesday Child is my maternal great uncle, John Chester Kephart. 

John Chester Kephart Wednesday's Child

John was born on May 7, 1914 in Wellston, Oklahoma, to my great grandparents Della Mae (Swinford) Kephart and John Arthur Kephart. Sadly, John lived a very short life. He became quite ill in early February of 1915, though I don't know what his affliction was.

John Chester Kephart Becomes Ill Wellston Oklahoma

Grandpa Kephart was a postal carrier and stayed home for a time to help care for John. But it wasn't long after this article was posted that John Chester Kephart passed away on February 9, 1915.

John Chester Kephart Dies Wellston Oklahoma

He had such a short life. I'm glad to be able to help preserve his memory though so that he will never be forgotten.

John Chester Kephart 1914-1915